Spiritan School Machakos

Holy Ghost School Machakos
The past students of Blackrock College together with current students and their parents have been asked by the Kenyan Foundation of Spiritan priests to help build a much needed new secondary school in Kenya. The new Holy Ghost School Machakos will be located approximately two hours south-east of Nairobi in a region of significant deprivation and under-development.

The area currently has two primary schools, but no second-level education at all. For hundreds of children educational opportunities cease once they complete their primary years. This means that the new School will open up a new world of education, knowledge and personal growth for these children.

It is anticipated that the school will require approximately €1 million in total funding. In addition to the financial support from the broad Blackrock College family, these funds will be raised over the next five years from a variety of sources, including the Spiritan network worldwide and Kenyan based donors.

The links between Machakos and Blackrock College will be ongoing, with potential for reciprocal Staff, Student and Past Student visits to Kenya. These will give us the opportunity to help the new School and its many hundreds of pupils to grow, develop and prosper in the years ahead.

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